Specializing in Services for Children, Adolescents and Families

      Dr. Doug Lipp is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over thirty years of experience working with children, adolescents, parents, families and older adults. He is particularly skilled in helping children and parents deal with issues of separation and divorce. Dr. Lipp has also worked extensively with older adults as they face life transitions and goal-setting for their future.

      We all know that life's most challenging times also present us with chances for problem-solving, personal groth and success. In certain circumstances, however, these same challenges can sometimes become overwhelming, frustrating and depressing. Speaking confidentially with and really feeling listened to and understood by an experienced mental health professional can help to identify, sort out and resolve issues that get in the way of success and happiness.

       Dr. Lipp is well-versed in many therapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic, developmental and cognitive-behavioral therapy. The core pieces of his approach are:

  • To help the client seek a thorough understanding of the issues and the problems
  • To help the client identify and build on his/her fundamental strengths
  • To instill a sense of hope about the future
  • To assist the client in planning and developing useful, realistic and successful solutions
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